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Makasutu Forest occupies an area of 1000 acre of land and beautifully situated at the bank of the Kembujeh tributary in the Gambia. It encompasses different eco systems-gallery forest, savannah mangrove, palm forest and wetland/salt flats. Details


The Fathala Game Park is located at 12 kms of the north of The Gambian / Senegalese boarder to Senegal. Details

River Memories

Join a special boat called Mam Boye C., a luxury African style pirogue with good and hygienic toilet facilities. A comfortable upper deck with chairs and big mattresses ideal for relaxation . Details

Welcome To The Gambia

Welcome to The Gambia, where African Adventure Tours is based as a Local Ground Tour Operator. We are ready to receive you with open arms, as we really would like to show you our beautiful country, as well as giving you a taste of Senegal.

Since we started in 2002, our local guides and drivers have created memorable holidays for those tourists who wanted to explore and see the real Gambia.
With this, the whole team of African Adventure Tours has been able to take care of their families and they have been able to support the Gambian people who are involved in the execution of the tours. We are very proud to be able to say that we are helping the local community to grow this way.

We have a wide range of excursions and round trips you can choose from. We also create custom made tours that are interesting, educational and fun, and for sure will meet your interest, your budget and your time.
If you are looking for accommodation or car/bus hire, we are also the people to talk to as we do our work with love and a passion for this beautiful country. Let us take care of you and everything to ensure you that your experience is fee of hassle, so you will enjoy your holiday to the fullest.

Start your journey with going through our website at home behind your computer, tablet or phone, for you to start feeling the beauty, warmth and excitement of our country Gambia; The Smiling Coast of Africa.

We hope to see you!

Momodou Sowe.

Note: A snippet of one of our round trips.

Djembe Beach Resort

In the span of half a decade, The Djeliba Leisure Group has distinguished itself by becoming the most successful, far reaching and reputable hospitality group in The Gambia (The Smiling Coast Of West Africa)..

At Djembe Beach resort we take pride in guaranteeing the comfort of our guests. Communicating With our guests ranks highly on our list of guiding principles. "A GOOD DRUMMER LISTENS AS MUCH AS HE PLAYS".. Website

Djeliba Apart-Hotel

As cultural as the name signifies, Djeliba is the center of cross cultural beauty. With its unique, modern craftsmanship adorned with a beautiful collection of Gambian traditional designs, there is a tone of comfort and a touch of class everywhere Djeliba covers.


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TEL: + 220 4497 313