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Special Excursions

River Memories

Join this luxury piroque style boat to cruise along the mangroves and let the staff spoil whilst you are relaxing. A cook on board will let you taste his specialities...


2 Day Gambia Adventure

Explore rural Gambia whilst visiting the most beautiful part of the River Gambia, you will taste what Gambia is about and see the impressive nature and meet the friendly people...


Orientation Tour

Get eye to eye with the holy crocodiles in Bakau, stroll along one of the busiest market of the region in Banjul and find out how the beautifull batiks are made during this half day trip....


4 Wheel Drive Adventure

Get to know the streets, bushes, dirt tracks and people of the Gambia. A day full of new experiences and seeing what day to day life here is about. Bumpy roads, monkeys, school children......


Senegal/Fathala Park

The Fathala Game Park is located at 12 kms of the north of The Gambian / Senegalese boarder to Senegal. On a brighter morning, we will drive you from your hotel Banjul...


Roots River Trip

Go to Juffureh, home of Kunta Kinteh, where history will come to life when you wander through the village. Explore Albreda and visit the ruins on St. James Island.....


Early Bird

Go on the river Gambia to wake up with the birds and see the magnificent sun rise. Spot Pied King Fishers, Pelicans, Herrons and whilst having your breakfast on board the Mam Boye C...


South Senegal Safari

This trip will take you to the Southern part of Senegal, Casamance. In a 4 wheel drive truck...


Dolphin Watching

The adventure of dolphin watching takes place on a comfortable pirogue. During the dolphin watching on the boat you will have ....


Abuko Nature Park

A half day excursion to the Nature Reserve in The Gambia....


Bird Watching Experience by Kayak/Canoe

A half day excursion, with an early wake up. We depart from the hotel before sunrise, to arrive at the creeks of Tanji Bird Reserve at the time the sun will...


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